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Our lab does not discriminate against students on the basis of political affilication, gender, ethnicity, age and religion or any other basis protected by law.


One of the primary reasons I decide to pursue academic position is my strong desire to teach. I have always has the urge to teach and have enjoyed every opportunity I have been afforded- from advising a high school science club to TA two undergraduate microbiological engineering courses at Pennsylvania State University as a three-year recipient of an ABE Graduate Assistantship. At present job, I am supervising graduate students for algal biofuels studies. I enjoy not only the classroom and laboratory instruction but also ancillary interaction such as conducting department tours for prospective students, assisting new graduate students, and supervising middle school students and undecided freshman engineering majors where I can espouse the benefits of a biological engineering education.

I am now an assistant professor  at NTU focusing on food/industrial fermentation. I hold a PhD degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering. My B.S. and M.S. degrees are in Microbiology and Biochemistry with specialization in Industrial Microbiology. This background and experience offer me the required foundation to attract and teach students to Microbiological Engineering, Fermentation, and Food Science courses, which are closely related to my area of interest and the expectation of the department. The opportunity to teach such classes would allow me to expose students to my area of research and inspire them for further inquiry of industrial microbiology, fermentation, and nutrient science from both fundamental and applied aspects.




 名稱授課對象  課號
 食品科學特論 (合開) 上學期 FOOD8102
 食品蛋白質 (合開) 上學期 FOOD7203
 食品醱酵學 (合開) - 研究室必修 上學期 FOOD7102
 食品微生物學 (合開) - 研究室必修 上學期 FOOD5105
 食品科技研究實驗法一 (合開) 上學期 FOOD7004
 生物材料生產分析與應用 - 研究室必修 上學期 Biot 7008
 生物資源化學 (合開) (本學期停開) 上學期 AC 5048
 農業概論 (合授) 上學期 Agron 1004
 食品微生物檢驗 (合開) 上學期 Food 5103
 應用微生物與生物技術 (合開) 上學期 BST 5035


 微生物醱酵工程 (合開) - 研究室必修 下學期 FOOD 7104

 高等生物科技特論 (二) (合開)


 Biot 8020

 食品生物技術學 (合開) 下學期 FOOD 7103
 微生物學特論 (合開) 下學期 Biot 8007
 食品科技研究實驗法二 (合開) 下學期 FOOD 7005
 應用暨食品微生物論文研究與寫作 - 研究室必修 下學期  Biot XXXX
 生物科技概論 (合開) 下學期 Biot XXXX